Over the next couple weeks we will invite every employee across all locations to the ‘Hoot Company’ Slack workspace. This means every team member will be part of (at least) two Slack workspaces: Hoot Company and your home location. Here’s what you can look forward to with these changes:

  • Convenient company wide announcements
  • Improved inter-location team communication (i.e. bar, marketing, events, etc.)
  • Project-based channels
  • Social channels (i.e. wine, memes, cocktails, cats, fitness, server-tales, food, league-of-legends, etc.)
  • In-Slack engagement surveys and opinion polls
  • Onboarding/3-month check-ins
  • Team voting
  • New-hire welcoming
  • Celebrations
  • ‘Ideas’ channel for sharing workplace creativity
  • And more!

Watch for your invite in your email inbox!

It is our hope that you find the functions and information provided through this portal helpful and convenient. Over time, we will add more content for you. For example, be on the lookout for training resources to aid in your development.
If you have any suggestions/feedback for this portal (or for anything else), be sure to use the ‘Suggestion Box’. Our ‘Company Calendar’ is a great way to see what’s going on at other locations, or to see deadlines coming up. Want to pick up some extra work? The ‘Internal Postings’ page will help you find any special events that we need help with. Finally, on occasion we will post updates to the ‘Bulletin Board’ that may be important to you but may not be important enough for a company-wide email.
Happy September everyone!