Our Company


We are a new wave of organization.
An empowering, passionate, and youthful hospitality community that believes in ownership and accountability. We are motivated because we love food, we love people, and yearn for shared experiences which give our lives’ purpose. We are in this industry for a reason and believe there is a better way to manage people and operate restaurants; By listening to our teams, we are able to organically adapt and optimize our operations.

Our People

Isaac Choi, Chairman, Founder + Visioneer

Harry Yoon, Space Maker

Bianca Condren, Communications Officer

Bin Park, Data Engineer

Joshua Cura, Marketing Officer

Alex Kagel, Director of Systems Innovation

So Yagashita, International Logistics

In Mi Choi, Administration Officer

Jake Lee, Operating Officer, Seoul Fried Chicken

Chris Spourghan, Operating Officer, Japonais Bistro

Gunho Park, Operating Officer, Dorinku Tokyo

William Pierce, Operating Officer, Dorinku Osaka

Toshiyuki Iwai, Chef, Dorinku Osaka

Nicole Dodd, Operating Officer, DOSC

Karl MacKinnon, Chef, Drunken Ox

Kiera Lotoski, Lead Barista, Sober Cat


With these tenets, we have a base for proven and ensured success


Kaizen + Takumi


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